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The City of Aventura was incorporated in 1995. What started as an indoor mall, soon exploded into one of the most fashionable, posh, still family-friendly communities in South Florida.  Aventura has established its niche as an enclave of tropical landscaping and water surrounding sleek high-rise condos and luxurious single-family homes.

Home to some of the largest, upscale high-rise condominiums and hottest up and coming preconstruction sites in Miami, Aventura lifestyle is truly one of leisure and resort. Aventura Condos and Aventura Preconstruction projects have converted the area in one of the most appreciated cities in South Florida. Numerous synagogues and houses of worship have added to its attraction to families.

 Residences in Aventura consist in a large part of luxury condominium buildings. Only a few townhomes communities and single family homes are available in some selected areas.

                                            Condominium Buildings in Aventura

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3030  AVENTURA CONDOS - Built in 2007

3030 NE 188 St , AVENTURA

ADMIRAL PORT condos - Built 1974

2851 2801 Ne 183 St , AVENTURA    

ALAQUA CONDOS -  Built 2007

3001 NE 185 St , AVENTURA

ATLANTIC I AT THE POINT  Condos - Built in 1996

21200  Point Pl , AVENTURA

ATLANTIC II AT THE POINT - Condos - Built in 1996

21150 Point Pl, AVENTURA

ATLANTIC III AT THE POINT  Condos - Built in 2000

21050 Point Pl, AVENTURA

ATRIUM Condos - Built  in 2007

3131 NE 188 St, AVENTURA

AVENTI Townhomes - Built in 2001

2801 /2945 NE 185 ST, AVENTURA

AVENTURA MARINA Condos - Built in 2005

3340 NE 190 St, AVENTURA

AVENTURA MARINA Condos II - Built in 2006

3350 NE 190th St Miami,, AVENTURA

BISCAYNE COVE Condos - Built in 1981

18181 NE 31 ct, AVENTURA

CLIPPER BISCAYNE COVE Condos - Built in 1981

18151 ne 31 ct, AVENTURA

COMMODORE PLAZA Condos - Built in 1971       

2750 2780 2730 NE 183 St, AVENTURA

CORONADO Condos - Built in 1974

20335 20301 20379 W Country Club Dr

DEL PRADO Condos - Built in 1971

18011 / 18081 Biscayne Blvd , AVENTURA              

DELVISTA TOWERS  Condos- Built in 1982

20225 20255 NE 34 Ct , AVENTURA

Eastside Condos - Built in 2007

3000 NE 188 St, AVENTURA

Eldorado Condos -  Built in 1974

3675 3625 N.Country Club Dr

ENSENADA Condos - Built in 1971

3475 N. Country Club Dr, AVENTURA

Flamenco Tower One Condos - Built in 1980

3701 N Country Club Dr , AVENTURA

Flamenco Tower Two  Condos in 1981

3731 N Country Club Dr, AVENTURA

Hampton West Condos Built in 1984

20281 W Country Club Dr, AVENTURA

Hamptons South Condos - Built in 2005

20201 East Country Club Dr, AVENTURA

HARBOR TOWERS Condos - Built in 1993

3600 3598 Yacht Club Dr, AVENTURA


3640 Yacht Club Dr, AVENTURA

HIDDEN BAY Condos - Built in 2000

3370 Hidden Bay Dr, AVENTURA

LANDMARK Condos - Built in 1990

20185 E. Country Club Drive, AVENTURA

MYSTIC POINTE 100 - Built in 1989

19195 NE 36 Ct  , AVENTURA

MYSTIC POINTE 200 - Built in 1989

19101 NE 36 Ct, AVENTURA

MYSTIC POINTE 300 - Built in 1990

3600 Mystic Pointe Dr, AVENTURA

MYSTIC POINTE 400 - Built in 1991

3500 Mystic Pointe Dr, AVENTURA   

MYSTIC POINTE 500 - Built in 1991

3530 Mystic Pointe Dr, AVENTURA   

MYSTIC POINTE 600 - Built in 1991

3400 NE 192 St, AVENTURA

NORTH TOWER AT THE POINT Condos - Built in 1997

21205 Yacht Club Dr , AVENTURA

SOUTH TOWER AT THE POINT Condos - Built in 2002

21055 Yacht Club Dr, AVENTURA

ONE ISLAND PLACE  Condos- Built in 1991

3802 NE 207  St, AVENTURA 

ONE ISLAND PLACE II Condos - Built in 1990

3801 NE 207  St , AVENTURA                

PARC CENTRAL EAST Condos - Built in 2003

3300 NE 192 ST, AVENTURA

PENINSULA ONE Condos  - Built in 2004

3201 NE 183 St, AVENTURA

PENINSULA TWO Condos- Built in 2008

3301 NE 183 ST, AVENTURA

PORTO VITA SOUTH TOWER Condos - Built in 2000

19955 NE 38 C, AVENTURA


20155 NE 38 Ct, AVENTURA

PORTSVIEW WATERWAY Condos - Built in 1987

3610 Yacht Club Dr, AVENTURA

SOUTHVIEW Condos - Built in 1986

3350 NE 192 St, AVENTURA


2019 E Country Club Dr, AVENTURA

THE ATRIUM Condos - Built in 2007

3131 NE 188 St, AVENTURA

THE LANDMARK Condos - Built in 1990

20185 E Country Club Dr, AVENTURA               

THE VENTURE  EAST Condos - Built in 2005


THE VENTURE WEST Condos- Built 2005

2775 NE 187  ST, AVENTURA

TURNBERRY ISLE SOUTH Condos  - Built 1980

19667 Turnberry Way , AVENTURA

TURNBERRY ISLE NORTH Condos - Built in 1979

19707 Turnberrry Way, AVENTURA

TURNBERRY MARINA TOWER Condos - Built in 1982

19500 Turnberrry Way, AVENTURA  

TURNBERRY ON THE GREEN Condos - Built in 2002

19501 W Country Club Dr, AVENTURA

TURNBERRY TOWERS Condos- Built in 1981

19355 Turnberry Way, AVENTURA

TURNBERRY VILLAGE SOUTH Condos - Built in 2007

19900 E Country Club Dr, AVENTURA

TURNBERRY VILLAGE NORTH  Condos- Built in 2007

20000 E Country Club Dr, AVENTURA

UPTOWN MARINA LOFTS Condos- Built in 2006

3180 3029 NE 188 St, AVENTURA

VILLAGE BY THE BAY - Built in 1997

310 / 3245  NE 184 ST, AVENTURA

WATERVIEW TOWER ONE condos - Built in 1982

20515 E Country Club Dr, AVENTURA

WATERVIEW TOWER TWO condos - Built in 1982

20505 E Country Club Dr

7000 WILLIAM ISLAND - Built in 1998

7000 Island Blv,, AVENTURA

BELLA MARE  6000  Williams Island - Built 2006

6000 Island Blv , AVENTURA

4000 WILLIAMS ISLAND - Built 1985

4000 Island Blv, AVENTURA

3000  WILLIAMS ISLAND- Built 1989

3000 Island Blv, AVENTURA

2600  WILLIAMS ISLAND - Built 1997

2600 Island Blv , AVENTURA

2000  WILLIAMS ISLAND - Built 1995

2000 Island Blv, AVENTURA

1000 Williams Island - Built 1990

1000 Island Blv, AVENTURA

MEDITERRANEAN VILLAGE Williams Island - Built 1989

3700 Island Blv, AVENTURA

THE YACHT CLUB  Condos - Built 1994

19501/ 19999  E. Country Club Dr, AVENTURA



An entrance to Aventura Mall

Shopping opportunities abound at the Aventura and the Waterways Mall. The city  of Aventura has also recently completed a multi-million dollar, waterfront recreation/community center, complete with gym, basketball court, computer lab, and conference rooms .

Shopping in Aventura:
The Aventura Mall is the largest conventional shopping mall in Florida and soon to be the fifth largest mall in the country with more than two million Sq.Ft. (210,000 M2) of retail selling space, three floors, and over 250 of your favorite shops. The Aventura Mall is anchored by a Bloomingdale's, JCPenny, Sears, Macy' men and furniture, Macy's women and children, AMC Multiplex theater and soon Nordstrom. An expansion is expected in 2007. Besides having some of the most upscale shops, Aventura is home to many famous restaurants such as the Cheesecake Factory, Sushi Siam and more.


Macy's entrance at Aventura Mall

Majestic palms line the roadways of Aventura and colorful flowers cover the medians of Aventura Boulevard and Country Club Drive. Aventura Founders Park located in the center of the city of Aventura, features a bayside path, a children's playground, tennis courts and a multi-purpose athletic field.

Golf in Aventura:

The Turnberry Isles Resort at Aventura is a private club and hotel offering exclusive spa services, marina, tennis, and two 18 hole golf courses which are currently undergoing a $30 million redesign by legendary international course designer Raymond Floyd. AS of now the North Course measures 6,403 yards and is a par 70 with many challenging holes around Lake Boros. The South Course measures 7,003 yards with lots of water, and is a par 72 that ends with a splashy finish on Turnberry's famous 18th hole 'Island Green'
Other golf courses in the within a five mile radius of central Aventura include : Greynolds Park Golf Course, Greynolds Park Course, Haulover Beach Golf Club, Haulover Beach Course, Presidential Country Club, Presidential Course , Indian Creek Country Club, Indian Creek Course, The Diplomat Country Club, Diplomat Course, California Golf Course, California Course and Miami Shores Country Club, Miami Shores Course.


The Golf Course at Aventura


Education in Aventura:

Aventura  is notorious for its excellent schools. Aventura is part of the Miami Dade Public School system. The elementary schools that serve Aventura are:

* Virginia A. Boone Highland Oaks Elementary School (Unincorporated Miami-Dade County)
* Greynolds Park Elementary School 
* Ojus Elementary School (Unincorporated Miami-Dade County)

All of Aventura is zoned to Highland Oaks Middle School (Unincorporated Miami-Dade County).
High schools that serve Aventura include:
* (North Miami Beach)
* (Unincorporated Miami-Dade County)

Dr. Michael M. Krop Senior High School

In addition, the city of Aventura operates the Aventura City of Excellence School, a Charter Elementary School.