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                                                         Coral Gables


South of downtown Miami, Coral Gables is a beautiful neighborhood of stately homes, lushly landscaped gardens and shaded streets. Literally an oasis and an example of sensible city planning.

Coral Gables is well known for its strict aesthetic regulations.  Developed by George Merrick in the 1920’s, it was designed as a pedestrian friendly city, with a mostly Mediterranean architecture.  The commercial district was structured alongside a two-mile long and four-block wide corridor. A free trolley route alongside Ponce de Leon Blvd. has been recently reinstated to encourage this purpose. 

The convenience of living very close to downtown  Miami and the Miami Airport, surrounded by all the greenery, an elegant and classy downtown area with numerous restaurants, cafes, famous designers shops and interesting boutiques, is unique.  

The influence of James Deering’s  “Mediterranean Revival” is notorious in the general architecture. His magnificent Villa Vizcaya estate, built in 1914 with materials, stones, ceilings, tapestries, and pieces of castles shipped from Europe, was the inspiration. The Biltmore Hotel, a Coral Gables landmark, famous for its monumental lobby, the coral pool, the Campanile Tower, reminiscent of the Giralda at  the Cathedral of Seville, the exquisite craftsmanship and details are a remarkable tribute to this style.  

Some of the attractions are: 

Miracle Mile, a brick paved street with luxury boutiques and stores.

Villa  Vizcaya, with daily tours. A must and a unique experience.

Golf courses. Specially the renowned Biltmore Golf Course, the Grenada.

Venetian Pool. Carved from a coral rock quarry, it is spring-fed, with two waterfalls, grottos and caves.

Fairchild Tropical Gardens. An exceptional collection of tropical plants and flowers. Its wonderful displays of trees, vines and orchids, have made it one of the most wonderful parks in Florida.

Village of Merrick Park, an open mall with world-class boutiques, galleries, shops and restaurants.

The University of Miami, two miles away from the downtown area.


The Census Bureau says that the city has an area of 37.2 square miles, about 43,000 people in 17,000 households. Median age is 38.  And there are 100 females every 85.6 males! Median income per family is around $ 100,000. Per capita income is more than $ 46,000.

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