Tips on Giving Your Fixer-Upper an Efficient Makeover
by: Sarah Miller

It is easy to remodel any fixer-upper. If you don't have good taste on interior design, you can simply hire an expert to take care of renovations for you. What makes it particularly hard is when you have a budget to stick to and an investment that's on the line.

Step One: Planning for Changes

This is the first step in remodeling your fixer-upper. No project would be smooth sailing without proper and organized planning. If there's no need to hurry, you should take your time studying and analyzing each aspect of the house before doing any physical changes or modifications.

Consider Weather Conditions

Is the location an area that's particularly favored by firestorms, typhoons, hurricanes or floods? If so, you should ensure that your house is weatherproofed against these natural calamities. If not, make a list of the things that should be repaired or changed and estimate the costs for each item on the list. These problems must be fully addressed because of your personal safety as well as that of your family are involved.

Windows and Doors

Don't underestimate the overall effect that small but numerous changes can bring. The simple change in windows and doors can easily enhance the beauty of any home. Get rid of damaged or antique window treatments and make use of new ones. Consider using aluminum blinds because they are durable and come in varying colors. There are also other types of window treatments available to fit your budget so make sure you choose one that fits the overall design of your home. Secondly, consider the present state of the doors. Creaking doors are creepy and not fun so consider replacing old ones with new but stylish substitutes.

The Small Overlooked Items

Check if each and every faucet in the house is working. If there's only one that's not working, you should try a faucet that matches the others still in use to maintain uniformity. If there are many that aren't functioning, considering changing everything.

Test out all the electrical sources in the house. Switch on and off every light and find a replacement for everything that doesn't work. Check the outlets as well and have broken ones replaced.

Are any parts of the roof leaking? Subject the ceilings to a thorough appraisal. You can ask an expert to help you out. There is nothing more undesirable than a leaking house. It makes the poorest of impressions; a reaction that you should avoid at all costs.

Step Two: Implementing the Changes

Set a Deadline and Budget Limits

The longer it takes for your fixer-upper to be remodeled, the more money you may lose. Use a project management tool to help you achieve your goals on time but without going over your budget.

DIY, Contractual Work or a Compromise?

Work immediately on the aspects of the house that can be easily repaired with Do-It-Yourself projects like painting the walls, reorganizing furniture if there are any and other simple repairs. If there is anything that's beyond your capabilities, hire a contractor right away. Forcing yourself to accomplish things that you aren't equipped to do may cause the damage to worsen.

Tips on Hiring a Contractor

Hiring fees for contractors vary so be sure that you choose one that fits right with your budget. Set up an initial meeting with the contractor and see if there's a meeting of the minds. Avoid hiring a contractor who believes his opinion always count more than yours. Be sure that your contract includes terms and conditions that address cases of delays on project completion that are through no fault of your own.

Don't Let Stress Get to You

Repairing an fixer-upper can sometimes be extremely stressful. If all you can accomplish for the day is just giving yourself more headaches, call it quits and take a breather. Rest for one full day and you'll find your energy level back to normal upon returning to work.

Step Three: Analyzing the Results

You've done everything you can to make the fixer-upper as comfortable and as presentable as it can be. Step back and take a critical look at what you've accomplished. If you still have money and time left, consider refurbishing the house as well or spending money on more extensive advertising. If you think you have it made, give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done. Congratulations!

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