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A city with more than 135,000 residents, Hollywood is nestled between Fort Lauderdale and Miami on Florida Southeast coast. 

Founder Joseph Wesley Young had a dream of transforming the undeveloped land of tomato farms, marshes and pine forests into a modern city.  Joseph Young built Hollywood Boulevard, lined with Royal palms and ornamental lights, and the Hollywood Boardwalk, a popular venue for tourists and locals alike, which was patterned after Atlantic City's promenade. 

Today, Downtown Hollywood sets the scene with its brick-lined sidewalks and great night atmosphere with its stores, cafes, bars and restaurant. outdoor music is a typical feature.  

The last five years have seen a transformation of the Hollywood Downtown area in one of the most exciting  areas in South Florida. Hollywood 's Young Circle has been completely redone and its new friendly face is the focus of city entertainment areas.  Around it, Hollywood Boulevard and Harrison Street are the main arteries where dozens of bistros, restaurants, bars are a magnet for residents of North Miami Beach, Aventura, and Hallandale Beach. On wonderful Florida nights, you can hardly find a seat at the Hollywood Beach bistros, bars and nightclubs, while strolling between outdoors seating, and Hollywood's music, jazz, blues, merengue is floating all over the place.  

Other Hollywood popular local venues include the Seminole Indian Reservation, the Topeekeegee Yugnee (TY) Park with its wonderful landscape, hosts many family's barbecues and picnics.

Please check on the following map all outdoor entertainment as presented by the City of Hollywood .

Visit Hollywood Office of Tourism Website: http://www.visithollywood.org

Alongside the Florida Intracoastal, more cafes and restaurants add to the entertainment scene.  

Development has brought many new buildings in Hollywood Beach with hundreds of new luxury apartments that will add to the booming activity in Hollywood. On the Ocean, new Hollywood condominium buildings have added to the mix and Hollywood is becoming now a large city. 

West of Hollywood Young Circle, single-family homes, shopping centers, medical centers, condo buildings, add to Hollywood architecture diversity. Hollywood East side is populated by luxury villas and homes, many on the water.  

Hollywood has  become an example of racial diversity, cultural blend, tourism activity, beach life and much more. 


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Hollywood Demographic Information: (2005)
General Characteristics	 Estimate Percent        U.S.		 
Total population		138,412	 	 		 
Male			  67,208		  48.6		 49.0%		 
Female			  71,204	 	  51.4	                 51.0%		 
Median Age (years)				  38.5	        (X)    36.4	   	 
Under 5 years		    7,966	  	    5.8                        7.0%		 
18 years and over		109,560	       	  79.2  	               74.6%		 
65 years and over		  22,185	 	  16.0	               12.1%	 
One race 		                   135,064	97.6	      	98.1%		 
White	                    	   108,270  	78.2		74.7%	           	 
Black or African American	     19,382	14.0		12.1%		 
American Indian/ Alaska Native           191  	   0.1		 0.8%		 
Asian			        2,379	   1.7		 4.3%		 
Native Hawaii/  Pacific Islander          288	   0.2		 0.1%		 
Some other race	                       4,554                   3.3		 6.0%		 
Two or more races	                       3,348	   2.4		 1.9%	
Hisp./ Latino (of any race)	     39,450	 28.5		14.5% 
Household population	   138,412	 	 		 
Hollywood Average household size		                2.34(X)		2.60		 
Hollywood Average family size	                    	                2.99(X)  	                3.18		 
Hollywood Total housing units        	        71,704	 	 		 
Hollywood Occupied housing units	        59,170	82.5	89.2		 
Hollywood Owner-occupied housing units	        37,656	63.6        66.9		 
Hollywood Renter-occupied housing units	        21,514	36.4	33.1		 
Hollywood Vacant housing units	        12,534	17.5	10.8		 
Hollywood Social Characteristics 	                                                                       Esti mate		Percent	U.S.		 
Population 25 years and over			 	   	       97,425	 	 		 
High school graduate or higher		                 		(X)			 85.5	84.2%		 
Bachelor's degree or higher					(X)			 26.3	27.2%		 
Civilian Veterans (civilian popuation 18 years and over)11,136				 10.2	10.9%		 
Disability status (population 5 years and over)		              	      18,934		14.5	14.9%		 
Foreign born	  					      45,735  		33.0	12.4%		 
Male, Now married, except separated (population 15 years and over)           29,246		53.4	55.9%		 
Female, Now married, except separated (population 15 years and over)       27,654		46.3	51.0%		 
Speak a language other than English at home (population 5 years and over) 56,160	 	43.1	19.4%		 
Hollywood Economic Characteristics 	            				              Estimate	Percent     U.S.		 
In labor force (population 16 years and over)	                                	73,619	65.2	65.9%		 
Mean travel time to work in minutes (workers 16 years and over)		27.7	(X)	25.1		 
Median household  income (in 2005 inflation-adjusted dollars)		41,602	(X)	46,242		 
Median family income (in 2005 inflation-adjusted dollars)			47,189	(X)	55,832		 
Per capita income (in 2005 inflation-adjusted dollars)			25,630	(X)	25,035		 
Families below poverty level	(X)  					9.2    		10.2		 
Individuals below poverty level	(X)				12.4		13.3		 
Hollywood Housing Characteristics 	 Estimate	                Percent    U.S.		 
Owner-occupied homes	37,656
Median value (dollars)	239,900	(X)	167,500	+/-9,644	
Source: U.S. Census Bureau, 2005 American Community Survey