Learning to Make Money from Raw Land Investments
by: Shashank Srivastava

Conventional wisdom says that land investment is usually a long-term investment that requires patience and many years of waiting before one can reap substantial profits. The Land Institute, Inc has dispelled this long held notion and is demonstrating to the average investor that raw land investment can reap substantial rewards in the short term, if you know how to.

The land investment experts at The Land Institute(TLI) have demonstrated through its courses that they can buy and sell a piece of raw land within 60 days for a profit. They do this through a 5-step process, which are as follows:

1. Locate the land
2. Evaluate the lands market value
3. Take control of the land
4. Subdivide the land into smaller parcels
5. Sell it quickly for a profit

Raw land investment is an excellent investment vehicle because 70% of the country is covered with vacant land. With so much land available, there is abundant opportunity for everyone to make some money.

Some of the best land investment opportunities are not advertised in the media and can be found by simply driving along the countryside, outside the city and looking for a land for sale sign.

According to the land investment experts at TLI, one of the ways to look for a motivated seller is to look for landowners who are not locals. Very often, people who are not local do not have the time to manage and maintain their land. They also often become frustrated when dealing with the local county. An easy way to look for a non-local landowner is to visit the courthouse and check the records there. Once the landowners have been identified, the next step is to contact them by phone or mail to check if they are interested to sell their land.

To succeed in raw land investment, it is important to network and build a team of support associates over time. It is important not to do everything yourself. This is where delegation and outsourcing becomes an essential part of managing the deal. As an investor, one will need people who can support us in diverse areas such as finance, law, sales, marketing, etc.

Many sellers face difficulty selling their land quickly as they do not know how to package their land in such a way that it is useful to potential buyers. At TLI, students are taught how to purchase land at a bargain and add value to the land before selling it for a huge profit. They are also taught how to look for motivated sellers and deal with potential problems related to zoning, bad contractors and county approvals. For more info about these courses, visit http://www.landbuyerpro.com.


About The Author
Shanu Srivastava has been investing in real estate for over 5 years, and has been involved in over 200 properties. He has completed all kinds of transactions ranging from a Subject To purchase to a pre-foreclosure short sale to raw land quick turns. He is currently teaching students from around the country to find land deals with virtually no competition.