Getting Money From A Reverse Mortgage
by: Tom Atkins

A reverse mortgage allows homeowners over the age of 62 to cash in on the equity of their home.The homeowner can use these funds in anyway they want.Some have used the money for extended term care or home improvements.Homeowners usually run into very little difficulty in securing these funds.The funds are practically free because with the exception of the fees, more than likely, the mortgages will not be paid back over the course of the homeowner’s life.

There are several payment options to choose when receiving funds from a reverse mortgage. In most cases you can choose one or more of them based on your needs.

* Getting your money in a lump sum: Most often the money from a reverse mortgage is paid in a lump sum. You will receive one payment which equals the value of your home.

* Getting a specific amount paid over the course of a number of years: With this option the homeowner will receive payments over a specific course of time, 10 years for example. This could be a great help in managing funds over a period of time.

* Getting a specific amount paid to the homeowner every month until they die or permanently move out of their home: Receiving monthly payments gives the homeowner a sense of security in knowing that their money will not run out before they die.

* Getting a line of credit. Funds can be provided as a line of credit and be paid back to the lender. A specific amount could be taken out to make repairs or to pay a bill as the funds are needed.

Getting the right type of terms for your needs is totally up to you.Give thought to what your needs are, how much funding is required and how soon you will need the funds. Some homeowners have gotten a lump sum and transferred it into a savings account until needed. The funds are yours and you can do whatever you want to with it with no restrictions.

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